I am an editor, writer and writing coach. I am also an interfaith minister, certified spiritual director and board-certified clinical chaplain. I live and work in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I have made my home for most of the past 32 years.

I am ordained by the Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) Interfaith Community in Berkeley, California and also completed its Spiritual Direction Program. After ordination as a minister, I took a yearlong residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at Kaiser Permanente’s Vallejo (California) Medical Center, working full-time as a hospital chaplain, caring for the sick and dying, their families, and staff members. I have been board-certified as a clinical chaplain by three difference professional organizations. My ministry now consists of performing rituals including memorials and weddings, occasional sermons, grief counseling, facilitating groups, and working one-on-one with elders. 

I have also worked as a writer, editor, producer, art curator and consultant for 30 years. I wrote and edited more than 1,000 articles, essays, books, radio shows, audio-visual programs and other media materials. I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and have received dozens of awards for my writing, including a prestigious National Arts Journalism Program fellowship. These days my literary work focuses primarily on book editing; I’ve edited nonfiction books on topics ranging from psychoanalysis to fine art, mystery novels and memoirs, dissertations and other academic writings. I also occasionally offer women’s writing groups.

If you would like to speak with personal or professional references for me before retaining my services, please connect with me through the Contact page and I will be glad to refer you with the appropriate people.